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2021 8u Libertyville Youth Travel Baseball Tryouts


2021 8u LYB Travel Baseball Tryout
Sunday, May 16th, 2021
5:30PM - 7:15 PM - Please note the time change
Nicholas Dowden Park (920 Crane Blvd, Libertyville, IL)

Libertyville Little League works in conjunction with Libertyville Youth Baseball (LYB) to offer players in our program the opportunity to participate in travel baseball in addition to LLL house baseball.  LLL and LYB work closely together to provide an enhanced baseball experience for selected players.

Tryouts for LYB 8u travel teams for the 2021 summer season will be held Sunday, May 16th, 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm at Nicholas Dowden Park in Libertyville. Tryouts are open to players that meet all of the following criteria: Be no older than 8 as of April 30, 2021, be a 2nd grader within the Community High School District 128 feeder boundary, and be currently registered in the Libertyville Little League AA Division. 

Important: All players must register online prior to the tryout date - this can be done at There is no tryout fee. Players should bring a glove, batting helmet, bat, and water bottle  If a player is interested but unable to attend the 8u tryout on May 16th, parents should contact LYB President, Scott Van Lyssel ( ) at least 1 week prior to the tryout date.

Selected players will begin practice in June and will play local travel games / tournaments. The participation fee is $165 per player.  For more information about LYB’s 8u Travel Development Program please visit and select 8u from the Teams tab.

For this same age group, tryouts for the 2022 season (when they will be 9u) will be held in late August of this year (exact time and location to be determined). The program for 9u is more comprehensive, as it will include indoor workouts beginning in early 2022, and then practice and games during summer 2022.

2021 Summer League Registration

Online registration for 2021 Libertyville Little League summer season is now open. 

Summer league registration will remain open through May 31, 2021.  Team assignments will be available the week of June 28, 2021.

See the summer league registration fees below:
Register between 2/16/2021 - 5/31/2021 - $85 per/player
Registration on or after 6/1/2021 is based on availablity and the fee is $100 per/player.

Additional Information:
Summer league runs 3 weeks during the month of July (following the 4th of July).  Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 6 games possibly more depending on playoffs.  Summer league is a relaxed league focused on learning basic skills and having fun with friends.  No mandatory practices.  No games on Sundays.  Parent volunteer assignments not required.


2021 Libertyville Little League Opening Day
Saturday, April 17th at 10 a.m.

A Message from the LLL Board of Directors

The 2021 Libertyville Little League Board of Directors would like to welcome everyone back to LLL baseball!  We hope you all are enjoying the Springing of the year, getting a few practices in, and we look forward to seeing you all (from proper distance) at the beautiful Butler Lake Park facility real soon! 

The baseball community has spoken!  Let's Play Ball!

We are proud to be kicking off our 70th year of operation as a Chartered Little League program with our Opening Day Saturday, April 17th at 10AM.  Please read through the attached Opening Day Program of Events to learn about the Joe Flood volunteer award recipient Kevin Scott, peruse the list of our many local business sponsors, and the directory of our volunteer board members who have gone above and beyond over the last year and a half of planning, pausing, discontinuing, and resetting our baseball program.  We look forward to our Boy Scouts Color Guard presenting the American Flag for the National Anthem 

Thank you to all of our parent volunteers for your help. Especially this season. The Board understands that this is very challenging for all of us. We focus on the kids and having the best experience possible for all of them. We have tried as a board to put in place a robust support system of volunteers to help out. Please support all the volunteer managers, coaches, team parents, and field marshals. They are not the covid police and they need all of our help to follow our health and safety guidelines.  Please remember, our amended rules of play are simply reflecting the current public health and safety guidelines written for baseball activities, and apply to all LLL activities (games and practices) much like requirements for entering a store or school.  We need everyone’s help to focus on the kids having fun so please do your part to help this be the best experience it can be for our players.   

Most of all, we humbly thank you all for your support to have confidence in the quality of our program.

2021 LLL Board of Directors


LLL Board of Directors Message - COVID Rules of Play

As we approach the end of the regular registration period we wanted to remind all our families that we will be keeping registration open into March, however we have started to formulate the teams based on our Board projections.  Managers and Coaches will be notified shortly, and teams will be formed in just a few weeks.  Even though Punxsutawney Phil predicted 6 more weeks of winter, we are still scheduled for our Opening Day on April 17th!  We look forward to seeing you all soon.
There have been a few inquiries as to specifics on the LLL approach to health and safety measures for this season as we continue to battle the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  LLL previously emailed a note including some helpful links specific to sports and baseball guidelines from Governmental agencies, and would like to follow up on some specific rules for participation in the LLL 2021 season.  These rules will be part of the team manager and coach training.  As a 100% Volunteer organization we will give our best effort to enforce these rules throughout the season and we ask you all to pitch in to help adhere to these rules.  While baseball is considered a low risk sport, we will make every effort to avoid exposure.  We want parents to understand, while the risk of exposure is minimal, this is not a guarantee.  We want LLL families to feel empowered to make the best decision for the health and safety of their family.  We also must note that these rules may change at the Board’s Discretion at anytime if there is a need or as Agencies recommend.
LLL 2021 Season Rules of Play Amendments:

1. First and foremost: If you have any question about whether you may be positive (you have been in close contact with anyone who is positive, you are displaying signs of contagion such as fever, aches, etc.) please stay home and do not participate until you have followed Health Department or medical recommendations for safe return to play.

2. All Coaches, Umpires or other league officials shall wear a mask at all times.

3. For Divisions up to and including the AA Division:
     a. Masks must be worn at all times by all players and coaches.  We feel these age groups will be too           difficult to maintain separation.  
     b. If there is a health related concern with wearing a mask, we will try to accommodate.  
     c. Players on offense will be placed as distanced as possible using both the “dugout” and the foul               territory.

4. For Divisions AAA and older, masks must be worn at all times except when playing defense in the field and able to have proper social distance.  
     a. At this time, baseball best practices considers that the generally accepted “close contact duration”           for transmission will not be reached during play in the field.  
     b. Masks are encouraged but not required in the field on defense.
     c. Masks are required 100% on offense, both in play and in dugout.
     d. Players not in play shall be wearing masks and properly separated either in dugouts or foul territory.

5. Coaches will be monitoring the mask use throughout the course of games and practices, and the Team Parent Responsibility will include helping follow these rules

6. The league will continue to provide essential baseball safety equipment such as helmets and catcher’s gear, and in addition will be providing sanitizer for each dugout, and will be provided to each coach.  

7. Players will be recommended to use their own bats and gloves, which shall be stored in baseball bag (or other athletic type bag) when not in use.  Please contact the League if you have concerns with purchasing a bat. Our website has the current bat guidelines and suggested sizes.  

8. Each team will use their own set of balls provided to each coach.  
It should be noted, these are to be considered minimum actions.  The Board recommends and supports wearing masks 100% during participation.
The LLL Board takes safety very seriously, and we welcome suggestions or volunteerism to help make this 2021 LLL Season safe, healthy, and FUN!!!


How To Buy A Baseball Bat

Click here for pro-tips on how to buy a baseball bat from our sponsor, Dick's Sporting Goods.

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The T-Mobile Little League® Call Up Grant Program is dedicated to helping families in need by covering registration fees associated with their local Little League program. T-Mobile and Little League share the belief that every child should have the chance to experience Little League, regardless of their financial or personal situation.

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